Dear Forrester Clients, Software Vendors, Forrester Colleagues, and Friends,

personal careers are somehow similar to innovation in the tech industry: You take a challenge, bring in new ideas, achieve some goals and then improve continuously over years. Working in technology innovation for many years and aware of concepts like the “Innovator’s Dilemma”, you can imagine that also personal careers need sometimes a disruptive change. After seven amazing years, I decided to leave Forrester Research by Dec 17th. Let me take the opportunity to thank you for the great collaboration and relationship we have:

CIOs, Enterprise Architects, Developers, Cloud&Infrastructure Managers, IT Users

Many Forrester clients read Forrester’s reports and ask inquiry questions to analysts on the phone every day. Over the last years, I’ve been among the two most requested Forrester analysts of the CIO- and previously in the vendor-strategy-role. Although this meant many late working hours for me, to serve US based clients out of Germany – I have to say, I really enjoyed most of these conversations. Additionally many onsite strategy sessions around corporate cloud strategy or innovation strategy for example for digital products sums up to a lot of interaction with IT users. These high-touch relations really helped me to write better reports, put the right questions into Forrester’s surveys, present webinars with great attendance and deliver keynotes. Being visionary and stay connected to reality was only possible because of YOU. Thanks a lot for using our research and keep using Forrester. Colleagues will pick up my coverage and new analysts come on board every month.

Software Vendors

Over the last seven years, I had the pleasure to work with very large vendors, but also start-ups that I accompanied across stealth mode, VC rounds, go-to-market, even down to an acquisition. This spectrum made my job not only very exciting, but provided also significant value to Forrester’s vendor clients. Balancing carefully the NDAs and insider knowledge was a kind of life insurance and I am happy that there was not a single breach over all the years. Thank you all for your trust and great interaction. I enjoyed specifically my work with these outstanding leaders in the industry:

Some are with other companies now, but listed in the relation, I worked most with them. A good number of people in the teams of these companies, emerging companies like Amazon and Google and start-ups would burst this blog. Thanks a lot to all of you for many exciting strategy-, advisory, briefing-sessions, and invitations to speeches at your events. Finally, don’t be concerned, I will not join any of your direct competitors.

Forrester Colleagues

It’s been a privilege, a challenge, an intense experience, and great fun working with truly the best and brightest people in the industry. I have not had any job before with such a density of experience in a global team. Being an analyst is full of exciting technology, amazing marketing, emerging business models and yet another surprise every day. My special thanks goes to Pascal Matzke, an outstanding research director and tireless advocate for research quality, collaboration and client value. I also need to mention Thomas Mendel, who brought me to Forrester and helped me becoming a good analyst at all. From more than one hundred publications (reports, blogposts, thought leadership papers, keynotes), I’d like to mention only a few milestones of Forrester’s research and the collaboration with awesome colleagues:

Thanks to all of you mentioned and not mentioned here. You are an unique crowd of amazing individuals. Thinking out-of-the-box and collaboration across teams and roles stimulate industry leading research. …


I made a lot of friends inside Forrester across the globe, brought old friends to Forrester as it was a great place to work, and will stay in touch to keep the friendships alive. Therefore, it’s really sad that I am leaving. On the other side, we live in a hyper-connected world and staying in touch has nothing to do with an organizational framework or a certain company you live in. It is more about you and me.