aeActive Endpoints Receives $5M in Funding

Active Endpoints announced today that they raised another round of 5 mio VC.

It looks like the company is really heading to become a real BPM vendor. Coming out of the origin of a pure BPEL engine, their product evolved into a more and more comprehensive BPM product.

Here are the two challenges for Active Endpoints:

  • Create a unique positioning
    While the mid tier and large middleware vendors integrated their BPM product already in a larger SOA and integration portfolio together with BI, CEP and BAM, Active Endpoints likes catch-up into a position as BPM player. Obviously this is an already consolidated market and their have to differentiate. One option is the license model; in the case of open source it the position is already taken by intalio, in the case of SaaS they could still compete with the broader SaaS offering form Cordys.
  • Balance their Ecosystem
    Active Endpoints had several OEM partnerships for their BPEL engine with middleware vendors like Software AG. The broader positioning is obviously an damage for their vendor relations. Active Endpoints should now use their additional capital to establish relation with industry specific partners and establish a verticalization via partner channels.

Let’s see which route Active Endpoints will follow.