Forrester’s Improved Blogs Sphere

As you might have realized, I posted most articles since a while on and on in parallel. Now, Forrester significantly improved its blogging platform to make this effort obsolete.

Forrester’s whole research concept is following a role approach with IT, Marketing and Tech Industry roles. Most of my posts are strategy related and appeared on However, many people like to follow specifically what I am writing and not all the stuff appearing for one or the other role. Thus, I was double posting many things on

The new Forrester blogging sphere now supports both analyst related AND role related blogs. All  content can be found in two perspectives:

Is dead now?

No, definitely not! My personal-private blog will continue to be a platform to communicate my personal opinion independent of Forrester. As you might realized, I’ve done many things beyond my coverage at Forrester in my spare time.  I am happy that Forrester offers now a way to sort out my official professional communication and my private cyberspace.

Please continue to visit me here and at and subscribe my new
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