bic_logoGerman’s Computerwoche magazine is organizing the Best-In-Cloud award again this year.

I am honored to be invited to the jury, together with known international and national analysts again.

What is this award about?

It is not a product show! The award compares real cloud projects: The way they are implemented, using technology and impacting the core business of real enterprises. While CIOs have been on the cost saving track for decades, we see now the first CIOs on an innovative track to acquire and retain customers actively. Forrester calls these activities of CIOs, increasing the customer engagement and improving the top-line result of their company, the Business Technology Agenda.

So, if you are a real enterprise – not a vendor – and have an outstanding cloud computing project, apply immediately here. Computerwoche focus on projects in the German-speaking region. So the webpage and the explanations are in German. However, if you are not fluent in German, I am sure the jury can read english proposals.

You can partner with the cloud vendor(s) you used for your project and apply jointly. But, as I wrote above, plain product applications without a real customer case will be rejected.

If you ask me, this is a very unique award. It takes out the hype and charges reality into the topic. Don’t miss 2014.