I’ve published quite some reports and shorter analyst view since April 2017 when I’ve joined Crisp Research. The research firm has been a successful and independent industry analyst firm in Germany since 2014. We’ve always focused on emerging technologies around cloud, machine learning & IoT and pushed the envelope of technology advice with many clients. While Crisp Research could guide from digital strategy down to architecture, we had always the challenge to find a software development firm for our customers’ projects. This motivated us finally to merge with a leading software implementation firm from Austria (former Catalysts) into the new firm called Cloudflight. This provides an end-to-end service to our customers.

If you love my research, there is great news about it. From now on every publication will be available in German and English on the Cloudflight.io page for free.
The majority of the Crisp Research Content, including short analyst views up to empirical studies, found their way to our all new research space.