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October 10 2008

Platform as a Service (PaaS) PaaS is a major new trend. Some SaaS application vendors of maturity level 3 will move into this model or are already on their way to it like with In a second move[…]

June 4 2008

Review of the IP Strategy of the major software vendors. Coming soon …

February 19 2008

Claiming ground against the ESB gorillas How Open Source can challenge established ESB vendors Many software vendors are providing an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), which is one key infrastructure required for Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). Now the market is prepared[…]

December 4 2007

Complex Event Processing grows up How is complex event processing related to SOA? Will it be mature enough to create any real value? Will CEP and SOA merge to a new generation of Business Event Networks (BEN)? Please stay tuned[…]

December 3 2007

Business Intelligence and Business Activity Monitoring Vendor should marriage After the recent acquisitions (IBM-Cognos, SAP-BO, Oracle-Hyperion) the large brand vendors their appetite for BI. As a consequence the left over innovative BI vendors face a huge problem. Either their sales[…]