Stefan Ried

July 30 2014

German’s Computerwoche magazine is organizing the Best-In-Cloud award again this year. I am honored to be invited to the jury, together with known international and national analysts again. What is this award about? It is not a product show! The[…]

July 24 2014

This was today on Bloomberg. Amazon does not break out its cloud revenue figures, but the article refers to an estimate. However, revenue alone does not mean it really enterprise business or just test&dev use cases.  

July 7 2014

You’ll find the slides of today’s presentation at the GI Tagung here. Please register and leave your name to download. A secondary distribution of this PDF via other web pages or email is now allowed. Thanks for repeating this.

May 8 2014

Slides can now be found on

March 15 2010

Forrester’s Improved Blogs Sphere As you might have realized, I posted most articles since a while on and on in parallel. Now, Forrester significantly improved its blogging platform to make this effort obsolete. Forrester’s whole research concept is[…]

February 18 2010

Oracle’s Sudden Jump Into The Cloud Oracle is about to launch its Cloud Computing strategy with a worldwide roadshow. What does this mean for Oracle customers and partners? First of all, Oracle remains a technology platform provider and will not jump[…]

January 18 2010

Cloud computing challenges the CIO legally as well as technically! Cloud computing is the availability of standard IT resources over the internet in a pay-per use model. Initially this is an attractive proposition. However there are many challenges which CIOs[…]

November 6 2009

Selling the Cloud A New Forrester Research Workshop Dec 1st, Foster City, CA Hi, I’d like to point you to a new workshop series that we start in three weeks in the Bay Area. Depending on demand and your feedback[…]

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