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July 7 2009

SAP and Cloud computing: Two Strangers Meet SAP and cloud computing has multiple perspectives. Let’s sort out the various options. Cloud computing falls into two basic branches. Basically Cloud infrastructure and Software as a Service business applications in the public[…]

June 22 2009

Yet another XaaS! Communication as a Service is already defined by an Wikipedia entry: “Communications as a Service (CaaS) is a type of outsourced enterprise communications solution where a third party vendor (known as CaaS vendor) is responsible for the[…]

May 5 2009

Integration as a Service – IBM partner with Hubspan Integration as a Service, another milestone in the industry’s move towards platform as a service (PaaS) paradigms. Read the full story.

April 29 2009

Active Endpoints Receives $5M in Funding Active Endpoints announced today that they raised another round of 5 mio VC. It looks like the company is really heading to become a real BPM vendor. Coming out of the origin of a[…]

April 22 2009

check this out on and Forrester’s blogs looking forward to your comments Cheers Stefan

April 22 2009

Yet Another Cloud – How Many Clouds Do We Need? A proposed cloud taxonomy. Please see the disciussion on the Forrester blog.

April 9 2009

Google’s app engine added just one baby step towards a full Platform as a Service with its first birthday. After one year with Python, Google added finally an Java container to the App Engine. This cloud service is much more[…]

March 4 2009

A Social Process Community could go beyond the recently announced Alignspace by Software AG. Is there a motivation for customers to share business processes? Large enterprise customers run a lot of individual business processes and legacy applications. Some of them[…]

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