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February 11 2009

SUN’s Glassfish Portfolio shifts to commercial open source business models. SUN announced the Glassfish portfolio today and makes a significant move towards a commercial open source business model. The “portfolio” subscription can be ordered like any other commercial SUN product[…]

January 15 2009

The SOASaurus was a successful Proof of Concept Well known Burton analyst Anne Thomas Manes bloged recently about the dying species of the SOAsaurus hit by the sudden economic catastrophe. I can’t believe that this is the same person that[…]

December 4 2008

Adobe is emerging to an enterprise application platform through the backdoor. Just coming back from Adobe’s Max conference, I’d like to share a major impression. Adobe is actually maturing to a vendor of software development tools. Having the roots in[…]

November 9 2008

The IT to BT shift. Read the full article with George Colony in the Business Technology Magazine here: George F. Colony: Auf dem Weg zu Business Technology (english) George F. Colony is founder and CEO of the independent technology and[…]

October 21 2008

Despite the bubble burst in 2001, we do not face a tech depression. Please have a look at this recent survey among tech execs HERE

October 16 2008

Hi, I am just returning from the IBM Analyst Insight in Buchrest and like to share a first impression on Lotus Greenhouse. This time, the outstanding professional event and analyst relations team of IBM took a special experiment. Instead of[…]

October 15 2008

Hi, as you know I am German and still live in Germany. So, after 10 months with Forrester and publishing 15 reports and teleconferences I thought it would be time to write a report specifically about the German market. It’s[…]

October 10 2008

Platform as a Service (PaaS) PaaS is a major new trend. Some SaaS application vendors of maturity level 3 will move into this model or are already on their way to it like with In a second move[…]

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