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March 15 2010

Forrester’s Improved Blogs Sphere As you might have realized, I posted most articles since a while on www.stefan-ried.de and on blogs.forrester.com in parallel. Now, Forrester significantly improved its blogging platform to make this effort obsolete. Forrester’s whole research concept is[…]

February 18 2010

Oracle’s Sudden Jump Into The Cloud Oracle is about to launch its Cloud Computing strategy with a worldwide roadshow. What does this mean for Oracle customers and partners? First of all, Oracle remains a technology platform provider and will not jump[…]

January 18 2010

Cloud computing challenges the CIO legally as well as technically! Cloud computing is the availability of standard IT resources over the internet in a pay-per use model. Initially this is an attractive proposition. However there are many challenges which CIOs[…]

November 6 2009

Selling the Cloud A New Forrester Research Workshop Dec 1st, Foster City, CA Hi, I’d like to point you to a new workshop series that we start in three weeks in the Bay Area. Depending on demand and your feedback[…]

October 23 2009

Google’s Office SaaS Apps @ Jaguar and their new business version. Google plays in various categories of cloud computing at the same time. Google Docs, Spreadsheets and GMail are software applications as a service (SaaS) and more in the category[…]

October 8 2009

Cordys Key Note Presentation I had the pleasure to contribute a presentation to an extraordinary event in the Netherlands yesterday. A lot of innovation looking for its way to the market. Download the presentation here: StefanRied-Forrester-Cordys. Cheers Stefan

October 2 2009

Dear Software Vendors, I’d like to point you to an short but excellent blog post of Roman Stanek, entrepreneur and currently founder and CEO of the SaaS BI vendor Gooddata: Back in the old good days … We delivered bits[…]

September 30 2009

Application Performance Management – a Must-Have if you use VOIP or cloud services over your corporate network. Once you networks are complex and you have many different services running on the same IP infrastructure, you need to deal more intelligent[…]

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