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July 7 2014

who pays broker fees rental You’ll find the slides of today’s presentation at the GI Tagung here. Please register and leave your name to download. A secondary distribution of this PDF via other web pages or email is now allowed. Thanks for repeating this.

May 8 2014
March 15 2010

Ranst best forex broker canada Forrester’s Improved Blogs Sphere As you might have realized, I posted most articles since a while on and on in parallel. Now, Forrester significantly improved its blogging platform to make this effort obsolete. Forrester’s whole research concept is[…]

February 18 2010 Oracle’s Sudden Jump Into The Cloud Oracle is about to launch its Cloud Computing strategy with a worldwide roadshow. What does this mean for Oracle customers and partners? First of all, Oracle remains a technology platform provider and will not jump[…]

January 18 2010 Cloud computing challenges the CIO legally as well as technically! Cloud computing is the availability of standard IT resources over the internet in a pay-per use model. Initially this is an attractive proposition. However there are many challenges which CIOs[…]

November 6 2009

Selling the Cloud A New Forrester Research Workshop Dec 1st, Foster City, CA Hi, I’d like to point you to a new workshop series that we start in three weeks in the Bay Area. Depending on demand and your feedback[…]

October 23 2009

Google’s Office SaaS Apps @ Jaguar and their new business version. Google plays in various categories of cloud computing at the same time. Google Docs, Spreadsheets and GMail are software applications as a service (SaaS) and more in the category[…]

October 8 2009

Cordys Key Note Presentation I had the pleasure to contribute a presentation to an extraordinary event in the Netherlands yesterday. A lot of innovation looking for its way to the market. Download the presentation here: StefanRied-Forrester-Cordys. Cheers Stefan

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