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December 4 2008

Adobe is emerging to an enterprise application platform through the backdoor. Just coming back from Adobe’s Max conference, I’d like to share a major impression. Adobe is actually maturing to a vendor of software development tools. Having the roots in[…]

September 24 2008

Hi, the SaaS market is emerging and the upcoming Platform as a Service (PaaS) market is a major opportunity for middleware vendors. Regards Stefan Read more here on Forrester’s page: Forrester’s SaaS Maturity Model Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is the hottest trend[…]

June 27 2008

SOA Governance Communities: Which One Should A Vendor Join? Communities among developers or customers that share a particular interest or use the same products are well known in the software industry. Some software vendors actually initiate communities to create more[…]

May 23 2008

Middleware Vendor Positioning Benchmark, Q2 2008 Forrester used its vendor positioning review (VPR) methodology to evaluate the positioning of six top middleware vendors across 14 criteria to determine where they are currently positioning themselves on the continuum between information technology[…]

May 3 2008

Hardware Vendors might not be aware of the economic situation: Tech Industry Strategy Inquiries Related To The IT Market Outlook For 2008 Published on Forrester clients can ask Forrester analysts any question at any time. We track these questions[…]

April 9 2008

German Midsize Software Vendor are not going international published in German Computerwoche Deutsche Softwareunternehmen verkaufen bis auf SAP AG und Software AG viel zu wenig über die Grenzen von Deutschland hinaus. Wie Nachforschungen von Forrester Research gezeigt haben, werden fundamentale[…]

March 25 2008

AJAX for Power-User Discussion See the discussion around the Forrester Report on AJAX for Power-User on Computerworld.

March 21 2008

AJAX is disappointing Power-Users looking for Web 2.0-Style Business Apps published on and published on Computerwoche Germany A great user experience is one of the most compelling and best selling characteristic of a modern business application. Thus, application vendors[…]

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