July 4 2022

Heute habe ich meinen LinkedIn-Status von “Verdecktem Startup” zu “Founder & Managing Partner” von Atlantic Ventures geändert. Nachdem ich einige Wochen lang im Stealth-Modus gearbeitet und mich gefragt habe, was ich tun möchte und was “der Planet” braucht, freue ich[…]

July 4 2022

Today, I’ve changed my LinkedIn status from “Stealth Startup” to “Founder & Managing Partner” of Atlantic Ventures. After I’ve been working in stealth mode for a few weeks and wonder, what I’d like to do and what “the planet” needs[…]

February 5 2021

Hello, Meanwhile the boutique analyst firm Crisp Research fully merged into the new digital innovation company Cloudflight at a total size of 400 strategists and cloud native developer. There is a lot of interesting research around digital innovation, cloud native[…]

November 12 2020

Hello, I’ve published quite some reports and shorter analyst view since April 2017 when I’ve joined Crisp Research. The research firm has been a successful and independent industry analyst firm in Germany since 2014. We’ve always focused on emerging technologies[…]

April 21 2017

All professional blog posts as part of my official coverage – IoT and Cloud – appears on the Crisp Research page: Crisp Research has an open research model. Basically all professional reports are available at NO CHARGE. Check it out! Nevertheless, exciting[…]

March 15 2017

It’s been January 2015, when I joined Unify as CTO and today is my last day. After being an globally acting analyst at Forrester Research for 7 years, I thought it was a good idea to jump on the vendor side[…]

March 12 2016

I saw today the blog by Michael Kroker pointing to the evolution of the digital experience at a typical desk. Source: Best Reviews (Animation) and Tim Weber (GIF) It’s quite impressive how physical assets like books, calendars, cameras, fax machines, …, are just[…]

April 29 2015

You might wonder what I did since I left Forrester and became Unify’s CTO. Unfortunately, I had not much time to blog and share ideas in the last couple of weeks, but i did play with the Klick hier games[…]

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