December 11 2007

E2E announced the direct execution of IDS process models (EPCs) in their runtime Please see the Announcement in Computerwoche. Really Cool! Stefan

December 6 2007

Considering Time and IT in SOA Hi, I’d like to point you to an interesting blog of Miko. This is about physics and SOA, enjoy reading: Stefan

December 4 2007

Complex Event Processing grows up How is complex event processing related to SOA? Will it be mature enough to create any real value? Will CEP and SOA merge to a new generation of Business Event Networks (BEN)? Please stay tuned[…]

December 4 2007

Where to start with my SOA implementation? SOA is not hype any more. There are too many successful implementations and software vendors claiming large reference deployments. However, you cannot simply buy SOA. You have to scout your personal path into[…]

December 3 2007

Business Intelligence and Business Activity Monitoring Vendor should marriage After the recent acquisitions (IBM-Cognos, SAP-BO, Oracle-Hyperion) the large brand vendors their appetite for BI. As a consequence the left over innovative BI vendors face a huge problem. Either their sales[…]

August 29 2007

SOA-Methologie für erfolgreiche IT-Projekte German on behalf of Dr. Peter Kürpick, Software AG Die SOA-Methologie ist eine wichtige Komponente innerhalb eines SOA-Projekts, die das Zusammenspiel aller strategischen und taktischen Schritte beschreibt. Sie umfasst also das gesamte Vorgehen in einem[…]

May 4 2007

Der Weg zu einer SOA-Referenzarchitektur German on behalf of Dr. Peter Kürpick, Software AG Unternehmen können eine serviceorientierte Architektur (SOA) nicht wie ein Standard-Software-Paket kaufen und installieren. Denn SOA steht für ein Architekturprinzip, bei dessen Einführung die individuellen Gegebenheiten[…]

April 23 2007

JAX Conference As part of the SOA Management Day of the JAX 2007, I gave a presentation on MDM and SOA. Download: Master Data Management Presentation Stefan

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